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Bulby Pop
Price: $499 Model: MS 172


Bulby Pop  MS 172
*BT 3.0 EDR Speaker*
Music LED Light
Output power: 5W
Dimension: 120x240 mm
WITH Silicon + ABS
Inside with 3W 3700 K LED
1800 mah Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery for 5-7 hrs of playtime at 70% vol
Micro-USB charging: swisspam.com
Output Voltage:5V
Output Current: 500mA or higher
Charging time: 3-4 hrs

*Both indoor & outdoor use
*Hang up as light bulb in darkness
*LED Light function:
  1. ON
  2. after 30 mins OFF
  3. OFF when music play
#Range up to 10M transmittance distance
*out of range or over 10 mins will enter low-power mode
*Clear wireless hand-free calling
Designed by GREATE + Kwdav
Copyright 2011 Welltech. All Rights Reserved.